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We're all connected to each other, to the earth and sky, to every human and to every living being.  And everything we do is felt everywhere whether we know it or not.  When a hungry baby cries, it hurts us whether we let ourselves feel it or not.  When we step on an insect or eat an animal that's been tortured, when we think unkind thoughts, we hurt all of us - that includes ourselves.   Every thought, every bite of food, every word can either limit us or make us great.

We are suffering from our disconnectedness from nature and from each other.  In nature people live in communities, and communities take care of their members.  Communities gather food for each other, build each others homes and share.  No one is homeless or hungry.  We humans need to be rooted like a tree; otherwise we become lost.

The entire life style of the United States is so much on the wrong track that each of us must choose the most urgent areas to focus on  - prisons, homelessness, welfare cuts, illnesses, cruelty to animals, many groups suffering from oppression, but it's all the same wrong track. We're a society that's no longer nurturing each other.  We're no longer in sync with nature.

And in communities people feel their feelings.  Not here.  In our uprooted unnatural society emotions have become frozen.  Here those who feel are considered strange. 

And those who call for the death penalty and for the bombings,  who can tolerate  prisons and homelessness and welfare cuts and factory farms do so because they do not feel their feelings.  It's all about feelings. 

Throughout most of history there were no prisons, and perhaps we don't need prisons.  Throughout our long past humans were intimately connected with our brothers and sisters, the animals. Animals were our friends and our teachers.  Most people were mostly vegetarian and  food was picked and eaten fresh-no processed foods at all.  Now the way we're eating is creating a catastrophe.

Please join me in tears - tears about the mess we're all in together.  Nothing else is honest.  Let us be a community that feels our feelings and supports each other, because every place we turn there's a heart break.  It's not supposed to be this way.

Please join me to dream that this once great green living earth can again become green and glorious and abundant, providing every living being with all the nurturing and loving we need; let us dream of communities that feel and care; of an earth that feels like home again. 

Please join me to act, to take action, to stand up together, to support each other, to oppose and protest all oppression, as much and as often as each of us  is able-with every living breath. 


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