The Nutrition Council,
2400 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45202, Lauren Niemes, 621-3262
The mission of the Nutrition Council is to help tri-state residents achieve healthier lives through better nutrition. The Nutrition Council provides the following educational programs and services:
Dial-A-Dietitian Nutrition Hotline: 721-7900
Nutrition education fact sheets and displays - Fact sheets include:
"Nutrition Notes for Teenage Vegetarians"
"Let's Get Some Fats Straight"
"Vegetarian Nutrition"
Nutrition Education Programs for Children
Nutrition Education Programs for Adults
Member Services - Bi-monthly newsletter available

National Center for Nutrition and Dietetics of The American Dietetic Association
216 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60606-6995
Harold J. Holler, RD,
Tel: 312/899-0040 ext. 4896
Ask for: National Center for Nutrition and Dietetics'
---Nutrition Fact Sheet: Vegetarian Diets
---The American Dietetic Association's Position Paper (on vegetarian diet)
---Eating Well - The Vegetarian Way (pamphlet)
---The Good Nutrition Reading List

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine,
5100 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, DC 20016, 202 686-2200
PCRM stands for doctors and laypersons working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research, and health promotion. PCRM consists of approximately 3,400 physicians and 60,000 lay members. PCRM promotes nutrition, preventative medicine, ethical research practices, and compassionate medical policy.
Ask for:
---The Vegetarian Starter Kit

The Cincinnati Vegetarian Resource Group,
PO Box 31455, Cincinnati, OH 45231, Susan Huesken, 542-6810
Publishes "The Flying Carrot" a newsletter dedicated to making it easier to be a vegetarian in the Greater Cincinnati a rea. It has vegetarian restaurants, stores, books, cooking classes, recipes and articles on health, nutrition and the environment.

Ohio Citizen Action,
1216 E McMillan St., E Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206, 221-2100, 221-2102 fax
Ohio Citizen Action is a consumer advocacy organization that provides facts on issues that affect the health and well being of the public. Information can be obtained from them on the types of pesticides that can be found in commercially grown produce and processed foods. They were highly instrumental in the movement to convince Krogers and other local grocers to carry organic produce.

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