My name is Ahimsa, a Sanskrit word meaning “no harm to any being.”  I am a life-size pig painted as a vegetarian entree in Cincinnati’s Big Pig Gig where I hope to spread my message of compassion and promote the causes of my sponsors, EarthSave and Farm Sanctuary.  Through me, artist Mary Ann Lederer expresses both her sadness over the plight of farm animals and her vision of an ideal world – a farm sanctuary – of safety, kindness, and beauty.  I am a living mountain with river and waterfalls and gardens and flowers.  People and many other animals climb together toward a blue sky and golden wings.  I sing a song by Mary-Jane Newborn, which begins: 

     If only I could fly,
     I’d be up in the sky.
     Kiss your slaughterhouse goodbye.


Sponsored by: EarthSave and Farm Sanctuary.

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