EarthSave is growing.  Our Programs now frequently have over 100 people,
but we need YOU to become involved.  Volunteer positions include:

Support for the monthly program such as:

Setting up tables and chairs
Washing dishes and utensils
Final clean up and breakdown of tables

We also need people to volunteer for the Officer's Board.  The positions
needed are as follows:

Chairperson:  Stays in contact with our members and volunteers spreading the
message of ES locally.  Organizes our events and volunteers.  Leads our
Monthly Core Group Meeting.
  MCs our monthly potlucks and gives
  Monitors our Voice Mail to respond to callers (this could
also be done by Secretary)

Co-Chairperson:  Supports Chairperson in all duties.  Talks to Chairperson
often as a partner to offer support and shares in duties.  Leads one or more
teams in projects the group is undertaking.  May organize volunteers on one
or more committees.

Treasurer:  Keeps records of all monetary transactions by the group,
including accepting donations and memberships and writing checks for groups
expenses.  Reports to Core Group on the current state of our monetary
affairs monthly at Core Group Meeting.
  Communicates with ESI monthly to
send in all transactions and insure that ESI has all memberships and
donations and checks catagorized properly.  May also keep our database of
members and potluck attendees.

Secretary:  Records and reads minutes at each Core Group Meeting.  May also
send out minutes to core group on internet through email.
  Responds to
callers on voicemail and follows up as necessary with Core Group members
regarding applicable voicemails.  Works with Chairperson regularly to
support him/her with administrative duties.

Dining Out Coordinator:  Decides on restaurants to hold Dining Outs (this
may be monthly, quarterly or as often as coordinator decides)  Communicates
with Restaurant our projected attendance and vegan and vegetarian needs, our
mission and purpose for dining outs.  Advertises Dining Outs at Potlucks and
organizes flyers being distributed around town.

Phone Callers:  Needed to stay in touch with our many potluck attendees and
members to inform  them of upcoming events and to communicate with them
about ES issues.

If you are interested please contact EarthSave Cincinnati